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Takes snapshots of disks and assists with browsing drive content
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Create detailed catalogs of software and file content on hard disks, removable drives, CDs, DVD,s Blu-rays, SSDs, etc. The utility akes snapshots of disks, imports descriptions, and thumbnails and makes quick access links for searching files or folders, management or log-keeping.

WhereIsIt is a piece of software that allows the user to create a categorized catalog of files and drives.
The application focuses on providing the user with an organized list or catalog, of the available and unavailable media files, consisting not only of information from your PCs hard drive, but also of remote file servers, CD’s, DVD’s and removable disks.

It’s a customizable and practical program, which allows you to create and work with more than one catalog at a time, these catalogs can handle any kind of information, from backup files to videos, and text documents, finally, and most important of all, is the capability WhereIsIt has to maintain organized a great number of disks and files per catalog, making of it a valuable tool for any company.

One of the strong points of the program is the number of plugins made available, and the multilingual capacity of the software, you can download and choose from lots of language files in order to make you feel more comfortable when using the application.

Plus, it’s highly customizable, not only thanks to the plugins, but also because it allows you to customize the font, toolbar, interface settings in general, colors, manage the size of the icons, you are also able to add description to the folders and drives, plus it features a catalog setup, and if you find these a bit too confusing, WhereIsIt includes a setup wizard to help you through the setup process. It truly is a unique program, it proves to be quite worthy as an organizer and file cataloger.

I generally point out the lack of an attractive interface as a detractor, but in this particular case, this is superfluous and unimportant since the features and potential make of WhereIsIt a 5 point program.

Tomas O'Rourke
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  • Highly customizable
  • Multilanguage support
  • Supports lots of plugins
  • You can create your own plugins


  • This version it's quite old and obsolete
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